More than a Practice Management Dashboard

Financial Analysis
Inquiry Tracking & Pipeline
Conversion Rate Analysis
External Benchmarks
Budgets & Forecast
Commission & Bonus Calculations
Marketing ROI
Custom Filters and KPIs

Revenue Growth
Reclaimed Monthly
Profitability Increase
Productivity Increase

Most doctors have very little time to sit and review their business data. AtlasKPI analyzes and displays years of data in real-time enabling practices to understand daily performance in seconds! Finally, you can see and measure every aspect of your business, visualize the process of your opportunities in the pipeline, and understand what impacts your profits.
ROI’s, Conversions & Forecast should no longer be a mystery.

Our team works with doctors and managers to review practice performance, ensure goals are set and measure growth directly on the dashboard. The entire practice can remain focused on daily tasks, while your AtlasKPI dashboard monitors your data and work for you. Connecting your EMR, financial, and marketing data – All In One Place.
Always Secure, Accurate & Private!

BI Dashboard

Financial Performance
Marketing ROI
Patient Analysis
Operational Efficiency
Conversion Rates

Sales Funnel

Lead to Surgery Funnel
Lead CRM Tracking
Patient Conversion Cycle
Lead Source Analysis
Loyalty Tracking

Atlas Sheets

Dynamic Forecasts
External Benchmarks
Time & Attendance
Inventory Control

Alert Center

End-of-day Summary
Live Custom Alerts
Business Goals
Target Milestones
Capacity Control

Collaboration Tool

Mobile Calendar Access
Personalized Dashboards
Commission & Bonus
SlideShow Sharing
Custom Access Levels

Seamlessly Integrates With:

Renato Saltz, MD, FACS

Renato Saltz, MD, FACS

"The dashboard combines financial and operational data, I can finally see which areas of my business are actually generating income."

Grant Stevens, MD, FACS

Grant Stevens, MD, FACS

"Once I saw that all of my reports could be accessed from one place and would always be up to date, I immediately understood the benefit of using the AtlasKPI dashboard."

Paul Nassif, MD, FACS

Paul Nassif, MD, FACS

"I can manage the performance of our Beverly Hills surgical practice, medspa, and skin care line from anywhere in the world, without needing to depend on my staff."

Jason Hall, MD, FACS

Jason Hall, MD, FACS

"I am able to monitor all aspects of my business in real-time and frequently enough to gain a detailed insight into the health and growth of the business and each of its parts."

Brian K. Dorner, MD

Brian K. Dorner, MD

"The dashboard is very helpful for planning and setting goals. When I want to focus on something specific – like revenue – I can break it down by provider, by referral source, by the patient’s city, and other groupings that help us understand exactly where our money is coming from."

Kent V. Hasen, MD

Kent V. Hasen, MD

"The Atlas team offers top notch customer service. Thanks to them, we were able to clean-up and correct our data processes to make sure we look at correct numbers. The entire team has been there from day one to work with us on building our dashboard and made the creating, editing, etc. very easy. I would highly recommend AtlasKPI."

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Common Questions & Answers

Q: How does AtlasKPI access my business data?
A: Our software uses proprietary technology to seamlessly integrate with multiple software systems in addition to supporting excel import or manual entry into ‘Atlas Sheets’ the dashboard has the power to manage ALL your data and turn it into useful information that can assist you in making decisions and managing new initiatives.

Q: How can AtlasKPI help me?
A: Your business will benefit in several key areas by using Atlas.  The dashboard primarily analyzes data and presents it in charts and graphs. Keep you team focused by creating personalized dashboards, sharing business goals with ‘Atlas Targets,’ and automating smartphone progress notifications. Use the ‘Atlas Lead CRM’ and the ‘Revenue Pipeline’ to monitor and manage opportunities. Maximize the ROI from marketing efforts utilizing dynamic ‘Patient Analysis’ reports and the ‘Revenue Map.’ These are just a few ways our clients benefit from working with AtlasKPI, to learn more call us today and schedule a free live demo.

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