4 Ways to Boost Sales Tracking Revenue by Provider on the Atlas Dashboard

practice management dashboardThe key performance indicator (KPI) we are reviewing this week is Revenue By Provider. Also known as “sales per employee,” this KPI is the total sales generated by individual team members, during a specific time period.

Here are 4 ways the Atlas Dashboard will help  boost revenues in your practice, just by tracking revenue by provider:

  1. Avoid Surprises at the end of the month. Our dashboard gives owners and managers the freedom to breakdown revenue by the minute, in charts, and on a single platform. It’s easy compare a provider’s revenue over time, by treatment type, or even to another employee. For most practices drilling down to this level takes time and numerous spreadsheets. With Atlas, you actually visualize your entire business on charts and graphs. Simply select the desired fields and zoom in by date to instantly evaluate your key revenue drivers.
  2. Be proactive, not reactive in your business. Impact sales by better managing your revenue each day,  comparing results to past performance, and setting  future targets. Your dashboard will also automatically notify you when goals are met or if something is off track. Picture keeping tabs on your practice while you attend the next international meeting by receiving an instant notification when a nurse injector has dropped below her monthly injectable revenue average. Check in with your team to asses the situation while there is still time to reach your monthly targets.
  3. Information is power, especially for your team. Keep the team motivated with a customized dashboard, featuring their personal daily sales and  past results You can set goals for the team, that are displayed on their dashboards. Display specific charts as a slideshow  on a TV in your breakroom or during staff meetings. Help your team gauge how they measure up to their colleagues and show them how the entire business is performing.
  4. Keep it simple. Our dashboard makes meaningful comparisons possible, by ensuring that you are comparing apples-to-apples. Whether this means focusing on sales from certain procedures, locations, time periods, or groups of providers, Atlas gives you the right data to make better business decisions.

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