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About Us

At AtlasKPI, we believe that metrics and data must be tracked and considered
when making any decision, no matter the size of the company or its respective industry.

Our mission is to make sure our customers can track each component of their business’
day to day. We developed a unique dashboard which analyzes all of this data and presents
it in a highly intuitive, real-time dashboard.

Our dashboard is built especially for small to mid size medical practices. Atlas integrates
with our customers’ existing business software tools, analyzes their data, and presents the
business’ “Key Performance Indicators” in simple, graphical visualizations. The software
allows the user to run a deep analysis across all of their operational and financial data.

The Atlas tool’s user interface is user friendly and designed for seamless integration. New
customers can start using the dashboard within minutes of installation. Whether the user
is a finance expert or only has a few moments to review their business data, the dashboard
changes the way our customers manage their businesses.

Atlas is completely cloud based so our customers can access their
customized dashboard anytime, anywhere.

Izhak Musli

Chief Executive Officer

Izhak has over 15 years of leadership and management experience across multiple industries, including SaaS. He is an expert in business processes and operational excellence. He is passionate about technology as a tool to improve business efficiencies.

Originally from Israel, he was named as an Outstanding Soldier in the IDF

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Matthew Cave

Chief Operating Officer

Matthew is a finance and business intelligence specialist. His expertise in big data, finance and management allow him to truly understand core businesses needs. He earned his B.A. from Leicester University and his Masters with honors in Commercial Valuation from Liverpool University, in the UK. 

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Orlando Quero

Chief Technology Officer

Orlando is an expert software and technology architect, with a deep knowledge of the most innovative, cutting edge coding and I.T. best practices.

Originally from Villa Clara, Cuba, he came to Miami 18 years ago and earned his BS in Accounting from Kaplan University.

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