AtlasKPI Customizable, Automatic Alerts

We’ve compiled an always-growing list of alerts that doctors and staff have requested. Now, medical professionals can focus on patients, knowing their data will be sent to them daily, weekly or monthly. Looking at the following alert criteria, consider which you would want to receive yourself, and which ones your team should receive.

Revenue: By Product, Provider, and Referral

  • For the first sales of the day
  • When a specific employee’s revenue is above/below $X for Y amount of time
  • By location and/or business unit’s revenue numbers (surgical and/or retails/spa service)
  • For a specific invoice total amount of a sale (example: a very high sale)
  • When a specific product or service is sold
  • When a referral source generates more than X number of consults

Inventory: Counts, Quantity, and Thresholds

  • When a specific product quantity is sold (by employee or total)
  • When the quantity of a category of products is reached (example: total revenue from all laser sales)
  • When your product quantity on-hand reaches/drops below a certain amount
  • When inventory count is equal to or below a defined quantity

Appointments: By Service Type, Provider, and Volume

  • When an appointment duration extends beyond a set time amount
  • By the number of appointment per employee
  • By the number of appointments by location and/or business unit
  • By the number of appointment type
  • By the number of appointment cancellations
  • By the number of appointment check-ins
  • By appointment procedure

Expense: By Product, Service, and Category/Subcategory

  • When a specific expense exceeded its budget
  • When an expense category breaches a set amount
  • When the salaries expense ratio reaches it’s set limit


  • When your conversion rate falls below X%
  • When an employee has earned a “bonus” in their pay rate
  • When the ROI on advertisements is below or above X ($ or %)
  • When your revenue per invoice is below $X
  • When the ratio between new and established patients consults is above/below X%
  • When your customer acquisition cost (CAC) is over $X
  • When your profit is above/below $X
  • When your average. revenue by hour goes above/below $X
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