Businesses come in different shapes and sizes, requiring different data management strategies. Depending on the systems you use and the size of your organization, this could mean creating a few reports or a few hundred. Our team will find the right data solutions, management dashboards, training, and data review programs that fit your practice’s needs. Our process of building custom packages is the best way to effectively serve our diverse client base.

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Frequently asked questions, answered.

No way! Our pricing plans are designed for practices of all sizes

We have a large integration library to easily connect to Nextech, Quickbooks, Google Analytics, and even regular Excel spreadsheets. As long as the data is accessible, AtlasKPI can capture this information and connect it to your data from other systems. While some software’s don’t make their data accessible, Atlas can help you use Atlas Sheets to add the data directly onto your dashboard.

Not exactly. It takes a lot to connect your data sources and walk you through reading your reports. Even though we can’t provide a free trial, there are no contracts required to get started with Atlas.

Our pricing varies depending on the amount of data and KPIs we track for you, the number of system integrations, and the data analysis you need. In order to make sure we suggest the right plan, we usually need a little more information about your company before putting together a proposal for you.

Absolutely! We can bring in data from multiple sources and combine them via the AtlasKPI Dashboard. For example, we can bring in revenue from Nextech and expenses from QuickBooks, and provide profitability.

AtlasKPI analytics services are focused solely on the specialty healthcare space. This means we integrate with the software’s YOU use. Designed to track and analyze metrics and KPIs specifically for cosmetic surgery clinics and medspas, Atlas helps doctors and staff leverage their information to make data-driven decisions.

Our base package is priced at: $350/Month

AtlasKPI plans are bill quarterly. After choosing the package that’s right for you, you’ll receive an initial invoice which includes your dashboard plan, implementation plan, and data performance report frequency. Your quarterly reporting plan typically starts 4 months after your purchase (1 month for implementation, and 3 months of your first usage).

Yes! AtlasKPI provides free Technical Support during business hours: Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm EST. Additional support such as training or performance review reports may be purchased and scheduled any time during AtlasKPI business hours.

Using the AtlasKPI Dashboard is simple; understanding how to leverage your data to make better decisions is not. Wanting every practice we work with to be successful, the AtlasKPI Performance Reports are designed to significantly increase your chances of increasing revenue. Think of your revenue goals like your weight loss goals. Some people need a status update more often than others, and we want to be there to support our client’s goals as often as they need us!

Customer support or technical support is available to AtlasKPI users who have “how to” questions or need to reset passwords. Performance reviews are a training program developed to review your KPI and strategy performance in order to reach pre-defined targets and milestones.

YES! AtlasKPI is HIPPA compliant

Yes! Through AtlasKPI’s custom access levels, staff can see only the reports that they need to. Empower your team by allowing them to see the fruits of their labor as well as the goals you’ve set for them. Share dashboards with 3rd party providers (i.e. accountants and marketers) to keep them accountable, enabling them to justify their service fees.

Until today, companies had two options for data analytics: complex BI tools that can handle big data, or lower cost tools that are simpler but do not scale well like Excel. AtlasKPI has developed an innovative product that includes everything specialty medical practice or spa needs to get insights from multiple, data sources, all while receiving data insights from our professional data analysts. All this is made possible by our practice management dashboard, and tools like industry benchmarks, pipelines, and forecasts that enable practices to go from scattered data to beautiful dashboards with minimum IT.