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Snapshot Tiles

  • Conversion – Quickly track your surgical conversion rates

  • Revenue- How are your sales this month compared to last month?

  • Stay up to date with automatic smartphone alerts

Atlas Geo-Map

  • Analyze patient profile and activity on a map

  • Prioritize your next marketing efforts

  • Determine where to expand your business

Instant Comparison, Zoom, and Filter

  • Year over year, month over month. Spot trends and take action now.

  • Compare your current and historical business performance

  • Dive deeper into charts, easily drill down from annual to monthly or daily data.

  • Focus on important categories using filters.

Appointment and Patient Analysis

  • Measure number of new patient conversions.

  • Quantify new consultations by procedures

  • Track new patient referral sources to focus marketing efforts.

  • Sync calendar and duration of procedures and consultations.

Set Performance Targets

  • Set milestones to track progress.

  • Get smartphone alerts to ensure you are on track

  • Keep your team goal oriented and focused on results

  • Avoid surprises and continually monitor performance every step of the way.

Anytime, Anywhere!

practice management dashboard