It’s Critical to Monitor the Health of Your Practice From Your Smartphone

smartphone business dashboard

Why wait until the end of the week or month evaluate the health of your practice?

Most of us rely on our smartphones to stay on top of our emails, bank accounts, home security, and so much more throughout the day…

Follow your balance on Bank of America, Chase, and Wells Fargo mobile apps.

Keep an eye on your portfolio with the TD Ameritrade  mobile stock ticker.

And control the temperature of your house or look at who is at the front door on your smartphone.

Nearly every doctor and practice manager our team has worked with reports a slowdown in productivity when they are away from the office.

Whether you’re away for a conference, a holiday, or a long and well-deserved vacation, stay connected to your practice at all times with the AtlasKPI Practice Management Dashboard. Our smartphone app enables you and your team to keep your finger on the pulse of your business and remotely manage:

  • Staff Productivity
  • Medspa and Retail Sales
  • Marketing ROI and effectiveness
  • Business goals and progress
  • Schedule and Appointments (for when you return)

If you can’t review profitability EVERY day on your way home, it’s time to talk to Atlas and start managing your practice, intelligently from your smartphone.

AtlasKPI wishes you, your staff and your family a wonderful and safe July 4th!

Do you have questions about how to use the AtlasKPI Complete Practice Management Dashboard to design the most effective compensation plan for your business?

Find out if Atlas is right for you and schedule a complimentary evaluation with our team of experts!


smartphone app dashboard

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