How do I create a Simple KPI?

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In order to create a Simple KPI, click on the ‘Data Lab’ option inside the left-hand menu and then click on ‘KPIs’. Inside the KPI screen click on the round blue + sign on the bottom right of the page. Now select the ‘Simple’ option and the KPI creation screen will appear. Firstly, select your individual data source from the drop-down menu and then select the function you would like to apply to the source for example SUM, AVG, COUNT etc. Finally, select the data field you want to use from the source.

Next, you will have the option to manipulate the data by adding an arithmetic option, for example, if you wanted the Simple KPI to show only 50% of the true value you can multiply it by 0.5.

Finally, you are able to apply a filter to your SimpleKPI by selecting a data field from the drop-down menu, selecting an operator which will decide what you want to do with the filter and finally selecting the criteria you would like to apply to the filter. For example, if you wanted to view the data associated with an individual employee, you would select ‘Employee Name’ from the data field drop-down menu, ‘Equals’ from the operator menu and finally selecting the employee’s name from the criteria menu.


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