How do I create a Widget?

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In order to create a widget, first access the Widget library screen via the left-hand menu by clicking on ‘Data Lab’ and then ‘Widgets’. Once inside the Widget library click on the blue circle + button on the bottom right of the screen. Firstly add a name and a description to your widget. Next, select the size you would like the widget to be, small will be shown underneath the larger widgets. Following this select whether you would like to see the widget in a numerical or chart format. Next, select the color you would like to see the widget in.

The second part of creating a widget is to select your pre-built KPI from the drop-down menu, the date range, a comparison period and finally the comparison positive outcome. For example, if your KPI features revenue your comparison positive outcome will be ‘Up’, if your KPI features expenses, your positive outcome will be ‘Down’.


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