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Renato Saltz, MD, FACS
President, ISAPS | Past President, ASAPS

As past President of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and current President of the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), I travel constantly. My primary concern has always been how to monitor my business, which consists of my surgical practice and medical spa with multiple locations in Utah.

With the Atlas dashboard available on my phone and computer, I have more insight into my business’ performance than with any other report or tool I have utilized in the past. From anywhere in the world and in real-time, I can check on my profits, staff productivity and performance, and revenues by services offered in my surgical and non surgical practices. I can also set targets and commission plans for my team members and monitor their progress.

Many of my lectures focus on practice management, so this dashboard has been a game changer in monitoring and measuring the business. The Atlas dashboard has taught me new ways to review my numbers, using Key Performance Indicators, in real time. For the first time, I can measure the ROI of a marketing campaign, without waiting until the end of the month to get the numbers from my staff.

Thanks to Atlas, I have also been able to improve overall efficiency in my practice. Because the dashboard combines financial and operational data, I can finally see which areas of my business are actually generating income, and which need improvement.

I highly recommend this tool to any business owner, especially Aesthetic Surgeons, regardless of your business knowledge. The dashboard was very easy to implement and integrate with my current systems. The app is highly intuitive and user friendly.

How Dr. Renato Saltz stays one step ahead of the game.

Grant Stevens, MD, FACS
President, ASAPS

Once I saw that all of my reports could be accessed from one place and would always be up to date, I immediately understood the benefit of using the Atlas KPI dashboard. Productivity is critical for me. I compare revenue and profit across different locations, staff, and treatments. By setting targets and goals, I will ensure that all of my team and our resources are being utilized to their fullest capacity at all times. 

My schedule is very tight and I often don’t have a lot of time for the day to day operations of my business. Atlas will provide me a complete overview of all aspects of my business – at my convenience since I can always access my data on my phone.In the L.A. area where I practice, there’s a lot of competition. Atlas will give me a strategic advantage over other practices who are not utilizing business intelligence. I will be able to allocate my resources; products, staff and marketing more effectively.


Paul Nassif, MD, FACS

AtlasKPI is more than a practice management dashboard. For me, it’s become a central control panel that keeps up with the health of multiple NassifMD businesses. I can manage the performance of our Beverly Hills surgical practice, medspa, and skin care line from anywhere in the world, without needing to depend on my staff.

Nassif MD has grown beyond our Beverly Hills surgical practice. Today we manage a busy med spa, a national skin care line, and the international TV series Botched. Managing it all has become very complex, requiring a lot of additional staff, multiple softwares, and ongoing strategic planning.

Before Atlas, I relied on infrequent reports generated by my team to supply updates from each business. Even though my team and I are very data-oriented, at times I felt we were behind the curve and lacked the data to be proactive in our decisions.

With the Atlas dashboard, I now have the freedom to check on how my businesses are doing anytime I want, regardless of where I am in the world. All of my data is in one place and displayed in meaningful charts and KPIs. Using the dashboard, I have a greater insight into what is really driving my business, and where there are opportunities to make improvements.

Jerry O’Daniel, MD, FACS, PLLC

The process of implementing the dashboard has enabled me to focus on the specific data points I need to measure in order to get the full picture of my business performance. I have set new goals with strategic initiatives for practice growth with specific tactics I will use to achieve these goals. I am able to more wisely utilize my marketing budget by allocating money to the tactics that are proven effective and quickly pivot from tactics that are ineffective.

How Dr. Jerry O’Daniel analyzes his cost of aquisition

Jason Hall, MD, FACS

I joined Atlas early on, because I felt that their dashboard was the missing piece in our practice management. After establishing my own practice in 2015, I discovered there are endless services and technologies available to business owners today. I made significant investments in our EMR, digital phone systems, marketing analytics, and other software platforms to provide me with the tools needed to manage and grow the practice. Unfortunately, with so much data, coming from so many places, it proved difficult to gain actionable insights on how to continue to grow my practice.

The Atlas dashboard analyzes our practice holistically and generates powerful, straightforward charts and graphs. I am able to monitor all aspects of my business in real-time and frequently enough to gain a detailed insight into the health and growth of the business and each of its parts. With Atlas, we are able to accurately measure what works and what doesn’t, and gain significant insight into the detailed working of the practice.

The dashboard is perfect for private practitioners and new to owning a business – it eliminates the need to add costly staff and simplifies decision making with respect to your practice. Rather than relying on my team to send me reports, I use the smartphone app throughout the day and can get up-to-the-minute feedback on practice performance.

Brian K. Dorner, MD

AtlasKPI was very clear about what to expect from the product, especially when asked directly in a conversation about personalized practice needs. I really like both the ease of comparing different time periods and selecting different criteria to measure. Without changing reports, I can compare this month to last month, or to last year. This is very helpful for planning and setting goals. And when I want to focus on something specific – like revenue – I can break it down by provider, by referral source, by the patient’s city, and other groupings that help us understand exactly where our money is coming from.

Before AtlasKPI, anything new regarding budgeting or metrics was created manually on a spreadsheet. Periodically, usually monthly, the spreadsheets were updated (again, manually) for administrative review. The process of creating new KPIs to manage would take a great deal of time. And once created, it would take my managers hours each to keep things updated. Now, this is all done for us automatically, and we are able to review numbers daily and weekly as well as monthly.

If you are a mom and pop shop and happy with the status quo, this is not for you. However, if you are wanting to expand, add services, and improve your bottom line, you need to follow the numbers and AtlasKPI makes it easy.

Kent V. Hasen, MD

I began using AtlasKPI because I wanted to finally see how my practice was doing without having to dig through complicated reports from my Nextech. With Atlas, I can see how well I’m doing this year to date, and can quickly compare last year. Everything I needed to know is all right there on the dashboard.

We utilize tools like the mobile app to look at live updates and to view the full appointment schedule during downtimes and while away from the practice. Their Geo-Map helps us concentrate our marketing to areas that have already proven to be fertile grounds for patient recruitment. And the conversion rate and revenue by procedure reports help us target which procedures have the best ROI.

Being able to share data with my staff is a great tool. We can now set targets for various staff which gives them more guidance and support to achieve their goals. This helps to motivate staff on a daily basis by making their commission more tangible in the present rather than after-the-fact when the month has already ended.  Targets also help team morale by making the staff feel good to see how well we are doing.

The Atlas team offers top notch customer service. Thanks to them, we were able to clean-up and correct our data processes to make sure we look at correct numbers. The entire team has been there from day 1 to work with us on building our dashboard and you make the creating, editing, etc. very easy. I would highly recommend AtlasKPI.