Reclaiming more than 12 hours of operational time per month

An AtlasKPI Insight currently shows practices (doctors, managers, or a combination of both) spending 3 hours in excel every week, running reports and crunching data. Notice, I didn’t say this time was spent making decisions based on the data; this is time spent only on gathering, combining, and analyzing numbers.

That adds up to 12 hours every month that practices are spending on reporting. And it’s important/necessary reporting – so there’s no option not to do it. Another Atlas Insight (displayed in a pie chart) shows how this 12 hours is being utilized:

If we take those 12 hours, and multiply it by a third Atlas Insight, revenue by hour, which is a nation-wide average of $750/hour, we find that practices can be missing out on potential revenue totaling $9,000 every month due to time spent generating reports!

Through AtlasKPI’s automated dashboard, all of the above reporting is done automatically for doctors and staff.  The information is pulled from the EMR, combined with data from Quickbooks and Google Analytics, and the reports are provided on a dashboard that’s available both within and outside of the office.

So start thinking about how else your practice could use these 12 hours…
Your patient care coordinator could be following up with consults that didn’t convert.
Your marketing people can generate another campaign to attract new opportunity for your practice.
Your practice manager can monitor and improve day-to-day operational processes.
And the doctor can focus on providing the best patient care.

Finally, everyone can get home in time for dinner!

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