Referrals: The best source of new business ever!

New patients arise from a variety of different sources. Facebook, Google, RealSelf, Yelp, billboards, and magazines can all supply fresh leads to a medical practice pipeline.  However, “word of mouth” referrals often generate both the highest number and highest quality opportunities of any referral source.

Oh yeah, it’s one of the cheapest too!

Word of mouth referrals says a lot about the quality of your practice and the services you provide. It means physicians and staff have done their job well enough to go beyond earning a client’s business; the client is happy enough to drive additional opportunity back to the practice. In order to drive this referral source and convert the opportunity, it is key to measure the source, which can be divided into channels, such as:

  • Doctor Referrals
  • Staff Referrals

In addition to providing the highest quality medical care, physicians need to be selling themselves. New clients who have undergone procedures are likely to return as existing patients. Trust is a must, and physicians who create personal relationships see additional revenue from the same patients time and time again. Those patients who feel the most comfortable with their doctor are the ones who are comfortable enough to refer new business.

Staff, like physicians, leave lasting impressions on patients and help to ensure that a new patient returns for additional treatments. Aestheticians, nurse injectors, and cool sculptors are the front line of scheduling the next treatment and asking their clients to share their success with friends and family. Turn valued clients into brand ambassadors and enable staff to express appreciation for referrals (i.e. providing Friends & Family discounts or offering gift cards). Such staff can also refer their clients to the surgeon, suggesting that happy clients move beyond Botox and Juvederm, and speak to the doctor about corresponding procedures.

You have worked hard to earn your clients, investing money and resources to sell them your service. Maximize the return on investment by giving them a reason to send new business your way (as well as come back themselves). Set goals to track the numbers of returning patients and new clients and try strategies that can improve both.

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