The problems associated with using spreadsheets in your practice

Atlas Insight:

Excel was developed over 30 years ago and still functions as the core system for reporting in many organizations. Over the years, alternative solutions have made attempts to replace spreadsheets, but with little success.

AtlasKPI understands the necessity of using spreadsheets to log important data outside of your EMR and/or QuickBooks systems; we call these logs ‘side spreadsheets.’

According to a Carnegie Mellon professor and data expert, Pedro Ferreira: “Organizations that have data in silos have a much harder time employing a holistic management approach in which operations and tasks are optimized across the organization.” Also, among our client base, ‘side spreadsheets’ are difficult to audit, allow for limited access, and can be challenging to analyze because the data may not be up to date.

For example, think of a list of new inquiries or website leads that need to be followed up on by staff. Most practices track this manually in an Excel or Google Sheet.

Instead, track this data inside the AtlasKPI dashboard and gain these benefits:

– Enter leads directly into the dashboard using your computer, tablet, or smartphone;

– Share and assign leads to specific team members;

– Analyze lead progress and hold the team accountable for conversions;

– Visualize sales performance via charts and widgets on your dashboard;

– Receive updates from email and phone notifications;

– Track conversions from your various lead sources;

And more… all from your dashboard!

AtlasKPI can also track your accounts receivable & payable ‘side spreadsheets,’ combining the AR/AP with the practice revenue and expenses, enabling you to generate accurate revenue and profitability forecasts. With AtlasKPI, you will never forget to make or follow up on payments with custom alerts and cloud access to reports anytime, anywhere.

AtlasKPI can revolutionize the way your practice manages all of your data from every source in order to improve efficiency, accuracy, and accountability!

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