Why can’t my current EMR provide me with a mobile app?

When I meet with either the doctor or office manager at a practice, I begin our conversation by understanding the practice’s current software systems and how these systems come up short. From all of EMR platforms out there, the two most commonly used in our industry are Nextech and PatientNow, both of which our dashboard integrates with automatically.

One of the main pain points practices share with me is the inability to view their data from outside the practice. During a recent call with a prospective client, an aesthetic surgeon from British Columbia flat out asked me, “Why doesn’t my EMR provide me with a mobile app?”

While this is an excellent question, I didn’t know the answer, but I did have a solution!

I explained that by integrating with his EMR, the AtlasKPI mobile app did enable him to manage his practice remotely – from his home, office, smartphone, or from a resort in the Bahamas (where he and his wife would soon be vacationing). He immediately recognized the benefits of the accessing this data from anywhere, but his skepticism became apparent when he asked, “But I can probably ONLY see selective data, right?”

Not at all, in fact, I showed him that ALL of the practice’s was data available on the app: his profit & loss report from his EMR and Quickbooks, his conversion rates per referral source, his surgical and consults schedule, and even staff productivity. By providing doctors and staff with a mobile calendar, we can greatly increase productivity and efficiency.

He then asked, “So you’re saying I don’t have to wait for my EMR to move to the cloud or build me a mobile app?”

I suggested that he shouldn’t hold his breath…


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